Things to Do in Lubbock Texas

Visiting a new place is always a good way to try out something new. There are many things that one can do in a new city, such as try new foods or enjoying the culture the city has to offer. One city that has a lot to offer for new visitors is Lubbock, Texas. This article is going to give a brief history of Lubbock and also include some things to do while there.

The city of Lubbock had its start in 1876 and got its name from Thomas Lubbock who was a Texas Ranger. It has a population of about 229, 000 people as of 2010.

Things to Do in Lubbock Texas

If you are into art, then Lubbock is a great place for you. The Buddy Holly Center is a very popular Art gallery in the city. The art gallery is dedicated to Buddy Holly, who was a musician born in Lubbock. The center has many of Buddy’s collections, which the city was able to obtain from his estate. The one thing that is great about the Buddy Holly Center is that it offers free admission and trolley tours to multiple sites in Lubbock that are related to Buddy Holly.

If you are a history buff and are interested in ranching, be sure to check out Lubbock’s National Ranching Heritage Center. It was built in 1969 and is located at Texas Tech University. This center is a museum which contains ranching history. The center has about fifty ranch buildings that date back to the 18th center. They also include barn, windmills, schoolhouses, homesteads, and railroad depots. The admission to the National Ranching Heritage Center is free as well.

Another interesting museum to visit is the Bayer Museum of Agriculture. It has a great deal of history about America’s agriculture and contains many exhibits. You will be able to view the huge collection of tractors the center offers. The kids will also enjoy this museum since there is a section dedicated to children. This center does not offer free admission, but the admission only cost $5 per person.

There are many things to do in Lubbock, Texas and the suggestions above are just a few things available for you and your family. There are still many restaurants or parks which weren’t mentioned, but still fun to try out. Just be sure to make the best of your time while you’re in Lubbock.